Thursday, September 9, 2010

Holidays with Breanne

During the Holidays of 2009, I spent some AMAZING quality time with a Gorgeous woman named Breanne. Oh my goodness... she was so sweet! So bubbly and fun!
She's a movie star!! Seriously! Don't believe me? Look for yourselfHERE...

oh and I forgot to say where I went....hehe

I posted about it back in January (click HERE) but I never got around to posting the pics!

here are just a few!
Breanne's been really busy filming... but as she gets some free time, she's going to send me more pics!

Thanks Breanne!!! My heart is still with you. ;)

Denmark is the smallest of the Scandinavian countries (half the size of Maine), Denmark occupies the Jutland peninsula, a lowland area. The country also consists of several islands in the Baltic Sea; the two largest are Sjælland, the site of Copenhagen, and Finland.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hawaii 2010

I turned danger into delight, taming the ferociuos lavasaur and riding him victoriously to the Hawaiian King's beachside luau......

aaah sweet memories of Hawaiiiiiiii

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Italian Class

I spent one evening with a fantastic and amazing woman, Tullia Barbanti.
We were on our way to Italy, and flying out of Spokane hehehe... and I really
needed to brush up on my Italian.

Class is typically held at Tullia's "Sauce House"'s a little casita where she makes the BEST
spaghetti sauce (that she typically sells at the local grocer)
I walked in and you could just smell the yummy garlic and mmmmmmmmmmm....good stuff!
I learned quite a bit about he 'imperfect subjunctive'....but then my stomach was rumbling with the delicious I gave up.

A BIG thank you to Sue and to Michael and of course to TULLIA!
I think I love you Tullia!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Heart the YUCATAN

I had an amazing trip with James and Marcia... they were so sweet to let me tag along on their honeymoon. .. most of the time I went exploring by myself so that the newlyweds could be alone, :) I am so grateful that they brought me!!!

March was a truly Busy month for me! Here I am on my way to the YUCATAN!
I was so excited I was glued to the window the whole time!

Once we landed in Mexico City just in time for a snack... I was starving for some breakfast and I knew instantly that I needed to have Hot Cakes with "Naturales"... yum! I needed the energy for our next flight to the Yucatan!

Finally we arrived to Majahual, where I spent the next 4 days. There was a small coral reef area and I loved it because there were no tourists! yeah!... I went straight to the beach to play and relax!

I love it here!

I did a little exploring in the jungle. I mean... I was in the Caribbean and I had to explore the mangroves! I got up really early so I could meet some folks from the jungle, they are called Mayans... but I didn't find any. .. . bummer.. I didn't stay too long in the jungle because I know that Jaguars linger here and I didn't want to become a snack for them. yikes!

On the 4th day I decided to stay behind and do a little bouldering. James and Marcia did a little climbing as well but man their legs can reach so much further. It took me a while, but I made it to the TOP! Glorious!

Here I am at the top of the mountain!! Woohooo!

On my last day in Majahual, I met "Blue Demon".. he had a pretty funny outfit on, but he's famous so I guess he can do that. Well, being that he's so famous, I decided to join him on a little mission... well not so little...but a very special mission.
In 2006, a hurricane hit the Yucatan peninsula, leaving trash all along the beaches. The trash came from all over the places but mainly from Belize and Guatemala. Even though the Yucatan government has provided support to clean the beaches, more trash still arrives.
So... when I met Blue Demon, WE went to clean part of the beach!

This guy is awesome! I hope he doesn't forget to email me!

We went back to the northern part of the Yucatán for three days before finishing our adventure. I toured the “Ruta Puc” and visited several historical places (ruins) that includes places such as Uxmal, Kabah, Sayil, X-Lapac, Labná, and the Lol-tún caves.

The last two days we visited “haciendas” with lots of food and beer. All of those places were around Mérida, the capital of Yucatán. So in the pictures you will notice how excited I was…aaaaaah good stuff!

Here I am looking back out the window, just said good bye to Mexico. During the flight I enjoyed playing a game on the ipod. And finally, just right before crossing the border, I decided to help James and Marcia with the driving!!!

What a great time! I could have stayed there forever!!!
Thank you James and Marcia!!! I can't wait to see you both again!!!

Now time for a nap...z.zzzzzz